Donald Trump, Reince Priebus named in Criminal Complaints filed with the FBI and Cuyahoga County, OH Prosecutor

WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Civil Defense has filed criminal complaints with both the FBI and the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Prosecutor’s office against Donald J. Trump, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and others. They are accused of threatening and preventing duly elected delegates to the 2016 RNC Convention from performing their sworn duties.

The official FBI complaint against Trump includes allegations of FEC violations, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, ties with organized crime, and violations of the RICO Act such as those of an ongoing criminal enterprise alleged in the civil suit against Trump University. The complaint further documents Trump’s mental and psychological unfitness to serve as President of the United States, and includes statements from military and security experts that Trump poses a threat to America’s national security.

A second complaint, filed both with the FBI and with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor against Trump, Priebus, the RNC, and several named individuals, includes documented death threats, harassment, and intimidation of delegates to the 2016 RNC Convention aimed particularly at those delegates who wished to vote their conscience. The complaint also alleges that a requested floor roll-call vote on the acceptance of the RNC Rules was illegally defeated by those in charge of the Convention at the time of that request.

Delegates were shown on C-Span video, personal cell phones, and still photographs being suppressed from voting, ignored, blocked, and threatened by individuals whom ACD alleges were ordered by Trump and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. By filing these complaints, American Civil Defense seeks to ensure that our presidential nomination process remains free from corruption and intimidation.

American Civil Defense spokesman, John Cahill says: “The complaint will be supported by a litany of specific evidence, from Donald Trump’s fraudulent and incompetent business practices, to his highly reactive narcissism, lack of personal control, and utter inability and unwillingness to seek and tell the truth. The most powerful elected official on earth should receive no exemption from a character test based upon his net worth and his crony connections.

Trump’s character combined with his well-established track record of fraudulent and illegal conduct is deferred for a public review of national security risk. Further, Trump’s documented and unpredictable ill-temperament, poor judgment, tumultuous speech, irresponsibility, and character based on factual reports, voluminous recordings to be presented, and multiple legal cases against him conclusively demonstrates that he is unfit, unstable and wholly unqualified for consideration as President of the United States.  Should he become President, Trump constitutes an imminent threat to the peace, security, and good order of the United States.”

Update:  Press Release sent to the media:  ACD Press Release


39 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Reince Priebus named in Criminal Complaints filed with the FBI and Cuyahoga County, OH Prosecutor

    1. Why don’t these cases brought to court right now. If he is to cleared or convicted, then let it be now, and don’t wait for the election. many of us would love to see this guy locked away in jail, and not even a radio or telephone to inform him of Hillary Clinton’s double landslide win.

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      1. To be clear, one of the main purposes of this effort is to make it clear that our election process has to be free of fraud and corruption on all sides. The way some of the delegates were threatened and bullied in Cleveland was absolutely outrageous, and both Trump and the RNC as well as Reince Priebus are responsible for it. Our efforts are intended to hold them accountable under the law. We won’t give up.

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    2. I think trump should be sued for lability calling Ted Cruz a liar. This marked his whole champagne! Many people believed this. But I want to know, when did Ted lie, I never heard him lie.


      1. Trump should be held accountable for all of his lies, including those in his FEC filings, his tax returns, and his past business dealings. This is one effort to hold him accountable.

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    3. Trump’s whole Campaign has been nothing but False Allegations and Threats to and on Ted Cruz and Anyone that Opposes Trump.
      Were I Ted Cruz, I would file a Slander Suit, but that is not the way Ted Cruz wants this to work.
      I agree, with All the things that have happened, and much of it Very Questionable on the legalities, this needs to Stop, and move forward with Ted Cruz, as he was next with the most Delegates.

      Also, there were Many Delegates there For Ted Cruz, and these are the many that were Threatened and their (OUR) Voices were Quashed!


  1. I don’t understand how intelligent so-called Republicans can endorse Trump. There are so many problems with him personally and in business practices. Coulter, Huckabee, Rick Perry, Hannity, etc. are supposed to be conservatives.

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  2. Definitely an open and shut case. The evidence is clear, the upmost expediency in the matter needs to be exercised to ensure that not only justice is served but that our crucial national security does not seriously become compromised should the possibility, albeit remote, that this unfit individual would assume the reigns of power..

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  3. This lawsuit is so fitting, with the bulk of the delegates as witnesses, the citizens should know the facts. The power grab by Donald Trump and the RNC denying the due process by the delegates is criminal. God Bless you for your courage, we will not back down, we will not surrender.

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    1. Good I’m glad justice will be done. Priebus should be fired he is so irresponsible He was behind the fraud to keep Cruz out He is afraid Cruz will expose Priebus corruption .


  4. Praise God! Glad these wretched individuals are going to be brought to answer for their shenanigans and, most likely, criminal activity to suppress the voices of those who dare to disagree with their iron fist tactics. It is my strong feeling that the nomination was stolen from Ted Cruz.

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  5. He scares me terribly but then so does Hilary she is just more sudel about her actions. What are we the Americans suppose to do come election. Our country and citizens are in real trouble. The republican need to bring someone back in the running for President 2016 that Trump lied about and the media stood behind him so none of the nominees had a chance in the race.


    1. The complaint was just filed last Thursday. We’re sending out a press release and notifying individual publications today. We’re also reaching out on social media. We expect much more coverage shortly.

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      1. The complaints were provided confidentially to the FBI and the Cuyahoga County prosecutor. Many of the delegates have already gone public with their personal stories of being threatened and bullied at the convention. They are easy to find online. The complaint against Trump is 151 pages long and was prepared by a team of attorneys, researchers, experts in national security, etc. over nearly six months. Let’s give the FBI a few more days to review it. We will absolutely follow up with them next week.

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  6. Thank YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST that YOU are the ultimate judge; that TRUTH and justice WILL ALWAYS win in the end! Lord, PLEASE allow us another chance to vote for you and your candidate, #TedCruzforPresident! May GOD arise and may ALL of his enemies be SCATTERED!

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  7. They could have put a blow up doll in my seat and it would have saved me $3000 and probably had more impact than I did as a delegate. What a waste of time …we were all a bunch of drones being forced to watch a circus at a Donald Trump rally at a Socialist Convention. ..or so it seemed. WA State Delegate 4th CD Brenda H.

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    1. Brenda, if were a witness to any delegate being harassed, bullied, or threatened at the convention, or if you believe you saw anyone but delegates actually voting (like Trump whips) or if you know of a delegate who was wrongfully denied credentials, please use our Contact form and let us know.

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  8. As I watched this fiasco play out on the TV, I was embarrassed and absolutely speechless. The RNC acted out in an appalling act of desperation allowing this circus environment. Let them own their destruction of freedom and therefore Liberty by holding hostages of the delegates. This is something that I would expect out of the DNC. Trump looked like the Undertaker coming out for a WWE event, not the hope to save our Republic. I am disgusted!

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  9. The delegates are obligated to vote as the voice of The People! The People chose Donald Trump! The people have had enough of the elite establishment controlling us like sheep. We are done with the political backstabbing of our candidate! We will not tolerate this continued attempt at political sabatogue of our candidate. This country’s power belongs to The People. Read your Constitution!


    1. The problem is that in many states, the people voted for candidates other than Trump and gave them delegates, but their voices were silenced by Trump and the RNC. This is one of the reasons we’re doing this. Cruz won Iowa, for example. We all know that, but their state Chair decided to give all of Iowa’s delegates to Trump. That wasn’t fair to the voters of Iowa. And Iowa isn’t the only state that happened to.

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    2. You poor deluded woman……Trump is a schurge on all of the country. Pity that you, a woman, would be defending this chauvinist pig, with my apologies to pigs, because I like pigs, and pigs are very intelligent, unlike your cheating, lying, bigoted idiot. Guess that throws you right into the same category!


    3. Renee, I was elected a delegate to the national convention through a long process, by active, known, Republicans. Those who wanted to join the process of picking the president, went to their state county caucuses and then were elected delegates to their county conventions; then at the county conventions, delegates were elected to go to the state conventions. I was then elected to be a delegate to the national convention. The Republican “People”, in our state chose 40 out of 41 national delegates from the Cruz slate – I was one of them. I don’t have the numbers but I would be bet that the majority of delegates that went to the convention were chosen on Cruz, Rubio, or other candidate slates but because of some State Republican Party rules concerning their state primaries, they were FORCED to vote for Cruz…such as it was in the state of Washington. (Cruz was expected to win our Presidential Primary but got out before our election was held and then only Donald Trump was officially on the ballot.)

      At the national convention, Washington delegates were bound and gagged to vote for whomever won 50% or more of the primary, and since Donald Trump was the only choice, naturally he won.. Nationwide, we don’t know what the Republican voice of the people really was. States with “open” primaries could have crossover votes that would sway the Republican voice. The only fair way to have known what Republicans would have really wanted was to have a roll call vote at the National Convention. That’s pretty hard to do when corrupt party leaders, such as Reince Priebus, make deals, hide secretaries under armed guards (where states wanted to take petitions) and refuse to hear, even Senator Mike Lee, when he stood at a mike ready to request a vote.

      I’ve read The Constitution, many times. I’m a Constitutionalist before I’m a Republican. Our precious right to vote and all our freedoms are hanging by a thread and it was the Republican establishment and the “elite” power brokers that did it, (crudely… “skewed”), us all in Ohio. I’m not a “never-Trump” person, but I wish we had had a fair vote so we could really see what the “Republican People” had wanted. If Trump had won fair and square on a roll call vote, I would have supported him freely. Instead I will hold my nose, gag, close my eyes and ask my husband to guide my hand while I draw the line and vote. …I will probably leave the Republican Party after the election, win or lose, because it’s hard knowing what the National party did and then wanting to be part of the future of that type of corruption…well, it just doesn’t sit well with me.


  10. This case filed, along with this video and testimony from a WA state delegate substantiates what’s discussed in this video and what bullying and thugocracy took place at the RNC convention.

    WA delegate testimony:

    Whether we realize it or not, the acts by Priebus, the RNC, and Trump in Cleveland OH were the most egregious acts against the USA of all time. Our Constitution set up a system of government to have the checks and balances needed to make sure that tyranny did not replace rule of law. It was abject tyranny what occurred in Cleveland. The Rules were CLEARLY voted down 👎 by the Delegates but the Chair crammed them down, anyway. There were CLEARLY more than the 7 requisite Petitions by the States for a Roll Call (in fact, there were 11, per Senator Mike Lee) but the Secretary, Sue Hudson, was in hiding so she could and would not receive ALL of the Petitions, and then the Chair abandoned the podium unexpectedly for 4 hours while both RNC thugs and Trump goons brow heated and threatened whoever got in their way until enough states withdrew their Petitions that it “appeared” on the surface of it that there were ONLY six states requesting a Roll Call vote (when there were still at least EIGHT, and SEVEN MINIMUM). It was total & abject TYRANNY! There was NO accountability by the Chair as to WHICH states withdrew their Petitions and WHICH did NOT: ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. ZERO.

    These were the most egregious acts against the USA that I have seen in my lifetime. Our Founders set up our framework of government for reasons just like this. I was told by a KIRO reporter who went on the bus with us to the Arena on that fateful Monday morning that IF there would be a vote by the Delegates that historic morning, that he believed that Ted Cruz would have WON the Nomination.

    The Delegates were precluded from voting on The Rules and they were crammed down, instead. Then the Delegates from 11 states Petitioned for a Roll Call vote on the Rules package that was crammed down. Massive fear, threats, and intimidation tactics were then used against us for FOUR HOURS until enough people withdrew that they, our enemies of State, could make it “appear” that there were no longer at least 7 states petitioning for a Roll Call when there WAS.

    These egregious acts have destroyed this Republic. They were knowingly and willfully done by Priebus, the RNC employees in lockstep, and Trump: Together they racketeered to bring down this Republic and as far as I am concerned, they were acts of TREASON and they should be charged and prosecuted, accordingly, together with all their accomplices and enablers.

    Their goal was to insure that open elections would remain so that the one party of Democrats and Republicans, the Elite Party, could continue to choose the Republican Nominee, as they did with Trump. Trump was the Democrats choice for the Republican Nominee, and they succeeded in forcing their choice upon we the people. They also succeeded in forcing the rules upon us for the next 4 years so that we cannot choose our Nominee in 2020, either. They rewrote the rules so the RNC will have total and complete control, taking away every last stitch of power from the grassroots.

    These people are the biggest criminals on the face of this earth. They have destroyed this Republic right underneath our noses and right in front of our faces and we barely winced. Shame on everyone who will not rise up and fight this tyranny!!! And pox in Donald Trump’s and the RNC’s house and upon every GOP official who went along with it!!!

    It is TIME for the people to RISE UP and take back their government even if it is by FORCE at this juncture!!! They have violated every last foundational principle and structure that our Founders set up to protect us! It is time to throw off the chains that bind us and to bring forth a new government!

    I will NOT be voting for Donald Trump and all of the above is only a small part of why I will not. I will be voting for any of the 3rd party POTUS candidates (probably McMullen) in the hopes that NEITHER NOMINEE will get the 270 electoral votes needed to win, this way the US House can decide who will be our President. It is the best hope we have at this terrible juncture in history.

    Our hope for the future is in Ted Cruz who was risen up for a time such as this. Put on your full armor and get into this fight with us. It is much bigger than Ted Cruz and all of us! Rise up and stand with us!!!! It is time to throw these traitors of liberty out!!!! They should all be arrested, charged, prosecuted and imprisoned for their egregious ACTS to bring DOWN the Republic of the United States of America!!!

    By: Virginia Schloredt, Delegate, 2nd Congressional District, State of Washington, National GOP Convention 2016


    1. Common sense is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND HERE! Now I am no thumpster, have been sounding off on Thump for a couple of years but this article is a sham! It sounds like something Thump would use to silence his critics giving them a false hope that is a complete LIE!

      As anyone reads this article, would you PLEASE use some common sense and locate the actual website for ACD? WordPress is used for publishing. This page on WordPress is NOT affiliated with ACD at all! The website for the “American Civil Defense Association” is and you can contact them, they flatly deny ANY involvement with this article. The only organization that is officially recognized as American Civil Defense is the American Civil Defense Association at and they have NOTHING to do with this article.

      Only Thump could be behind it for it serves his interests, to silence his critics fooling them into thinking our federal authorities are moving to shut him down while he continues to operate without any restriction. Only the worst lowlife could pull a stunt like this and feel good about it.

      You have been THUMPED again!


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